Rick Ortega Art

The Artwork of Rick Ortega transcends time and takes us on a mystical journey into an ancient way of life. His paintings reveal an array of indigenous symbols from Mexico’s past, turning his colorful compositions into modern day codices which reveal the history, myths, legends and spiritual beliefs of the Mexica people, better known as the Aztecs. Each painting captures the heritage of his ancestors, who held the arts with high regard, truly believing that the Tlacuilo (The Painter) had his heart rooted in God and would transfer the symbols of divinity to his paintings. This ancient tradition of creativity is the root of Mr. Ortega’s art. In his paintings we see and feel a deep spiritual presence illuminating his compositions, with a focus on the beautiful artistry the Aztecas surrounded their lives with, along with their deep devotion to the gods who ruled the Heavens, the Earth, and the Underworld. It has been written that the Aztecs were conquered and their way of life destroyed, yet here we see that their Spirit still lives and breathes  through the artistry of this twenty-first century Tlacuilo, The painter,  Rick  Ortega.

The artwork of Rick Ortega has been exhibited at numerous galleries, beginning with his first exhibition at Galeria Las Americas in Santa Monica in 1995. Others include, Lankershim Art Gallery in NoHo, Pueblo Gallery in L.A., Carlotta’s Passion in Eagle Rock, Casa de la Cultura in Las Cruces, New Mexico, DA Gallery in Pomona, Dr. Rudy Acuña Gallery in Oxnard and many others throughout his years of exhibiting. He has given lectures along with slide shows at different Universities and high schools in Southern California. From 1995 – 2000 Rick  was a committee member of Cultuaztlan, a grassroots organization that helped bring cultural festivals and artist workshops into his home town of San Fernando CA. He went on to join Artino Arts group of L.A. receiving much recognition in the promotion of Latino Art. Rick Ortega is currently a resident Artist at ChimMaya Gallery in Los Angeles CA.